What is Craps? How to play and best betting strategies

What is Craps has become one of the basic information that many people are interested in. Understanding the nature of the game and knowing the rules of the game is a must. At this point, you can get acquainted and participate in effective betting. Let’s find out detailed information with 90JILI. Thereby, you will have useful information to invest in the Craps betting game successfully.

What is Craps?

What is Craps
What is Craps

This is definitely the question that many people ask themselves when investing in online betting. Craps is known as one of the most interesting and attractive online games. The large number of players is proof of the attraction that this game brings.

Craps is a gambling game that uses 2 dice as the main character. This game is a variation of Sicbo. However, instead of using 3 dice like Sicbo, Craps will only rely on the results of 2 dice.

With 6-sided dice, with scores from 1 to 6, you will have many interesting betting options. Each player just needs to look for the odds, place bets on the option they believe in and wait for the results. The special feature of this game is that there will be no dealer shaking the dice. Instead, a player participating in the betting table – Shooter will be the one who coordinates the entire game.

Basic rules when playing Craps

Basic rules when playing Craps
Basic rules when playing Craps

The simple rules of the game are the factor that creates great attraction for the Craps betting game. Determine the winning door based on the results of the Shooter’s dice roll. From there, you will have the opportunity to receive a correspondingly large reward. Specifically, each Craps betting game will take place with 2 main rounds:

First Round of Play in Craps

The Craps betting game will start with the players placing bets. Each person will place money based on their own capital to best suit. After the betting process of all players is completed, the Shooter will now shake 2 dice.

The result of the first dice shake will determine whether the second betting round is performed or not. Therefore, the Craps betting table can take place in 1 round or 2 rounds depending on the actual situation.

Second Round of Dice Roll in Craps

If the second round of Craps betting is made, the Shooter will roll the dice until the total value reaches one of the numbers from 4 to 10. Only then can the Craps round end.

The result of this second round will determine whether you win or lose. Based on the total points of the 2 dice at this time, the prize for the winning player will be paid.

Betting strategies on craps

Betting strategies on craps
Betting strategies on craps

Learning from experience is also an important step that you need to take. When you have good tips or consider betting, you will have a higher level of accuracy. This ensures that your betting process on this game will have positive results.

Have knowledge to analyze probability

When we find out, we will realize that Craps is an intellectual game. To be successful with Craps betting, you need to know how to calculate the dice ratio. Besides luck, this will be the basis for you to increase your chances of winning.

Usually, experts with many years of experience prioritize choosing numbers related to previous results. Accurate calculation and sensitivity in each judgment will be an important basis for more favorable investment.

Learn the rules of Craps in detail

This is known as basic but important knowledge. Only when you understand the rules of the game can you place accurate bets, as well as make appropriate judgments and assessments. This ensures that your Craps betting process goes smoothly, without encountering unfortunate mistakes.

Good control over the Craps betting process

If you want to participate in playing Craps, controlling capital, time and psychology are 3 factors to note. Controlling the Craps betting process will be the key to success. At that time, you can increase your profits.

  • Divide and use capital appropriately, do not focus on any bet.
  • Control the time participating in betting, know when to stop playing to ensure the safety of capital.
  • Maintaining a stable and calm mentality will help you be more clear-headed in every decision.


What is Craps has been shared with full information through the article. Hopefully it will be useful knowledge for you. From there, the investment process with this game of each person will be smoother and more convenient. At the same time, with 90JILI updating more information about other casino games, you will be more proactive on the journey to conquer online casinos according to your needs.

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